Cootamundra Sewing Centre Riverina Patchwork Quilt Shop Cootamundra Sewing Centre has been in the town for around 40 years and I have taken over in October 09 ~ so new ownership!!

I have been sewing for 17 years just after I got married but learnt sewing prior to that as an elective subject in year 7 (so 24 years now).   I’ve been quilting for the same lenght of time.

Following in my nannas footsteps, I have always been crafty – she had me French knitting, spinning wool and knitting.  I then went on to cross stitch which I really enjoyed but found very slow.

A friend of mine told me that I should try applique on the sewing machine because it was so much quicker and I never looked back making lots of applique quilts, cushions, swags anything and everything until I got to the point where I wanted to challenge myself further, so began some night classes and did machine piecing.

Alot of what I have learnt has come from self experiences and books.

Cootamundra Sewing Centre provides a high standard of customer service.

I put my self to great lengths to ensure I have kits cut quickly on request and I do special orders for people where possible, I offer free over the counter advice on how to quilt questions and I run classes everyday which are very much do as you please.

Its all about making my customers feel good and helping achieve what they want.

Hearing positive feedback is fantastic, like when customers come in and say I have inspired them to sew.

A variety of styles of fabrics from retro to reproduction to pastel to country are available.

Blocks of the month are great favourites of mine and at the moment I have Leanne Beasley’s Down the Garden Path, Homespuns Life is a Celebration, Chook Shed Matilda Station and I hope to keep adding to this.